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Are you worried about a loved one who uses prescription narcotics or heroin?


Are you likely to encounter someone who has overdosed from prescription narcotics or heroin on your job ... or in your neighborhood?


Learn how to prevent, recognize, and respond to an overdose emergency.


Go To:

It’s free.

It’s online.

It’s confidential.

Take the easy to access, interactive, 20-minute training. Learn how to save a life.


How to get a naloxone kit:

If someone has overdosed, a naloxone kit can be used to save their life.


You can get a kit from a specially trained pharmacist without a prescription. Be sure to ask your pharmacy if naloxone can be covered by your insurance. 


If you are a client of Valley Health Associates, please ask your counselor or doctor for a free naloxone kit.


If you are a concerned resident in our community, please call us at (831) 424-6655 and arrange to pick up a free naloxone kit. 

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