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La Tonya Glover joined Valley Health Associates (VHA) in the Spring of 2021. La Tonya is bringing over 20 years of experience in social welfare, education, and management to VHA. Prior to joining the team, La Tonya was the Director of Service-Learning and Volunteering as well as the Director of the After School Programs at the Monterey Peninsula Unified School District, where she oversaw school site programs and was responsible for the start-up of after-school programs at a local school. Following her time with the Monterey Peninsula Unified School District she was District Area Director for the Boys & Girls Club of Monterey County.  During her time at the Boys & Girls Club, she restructured departments- implemented new policies, programs, procedures, and more! Additionally, La Tonya has served as a Board Member for numerous organizations, such as Palenke Arts, Restorative Justice Partners Inc., and Girls' Health in Girls' Hands. Besides her successful career and work as a Board Member for multiple organizations, giving back to the community has also been a lifelong project of hers. So much so that her hard work and dedication to the community, through volunteering and consulting for other nonprofits that benefit the youth, the homeless community, and church organizations led to her being nominated and awarded the Monterey County Weekly's 'Do-Gooder" Award in 2016.  She is excited to join the dedicated staff of VHA and is ready to help grow and create new life-saving programs at VHA.


La Tonya Glover, MSW, Executive Director (831) 424-6655 Ext. 14


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