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La Tonya Glover, MSW

Executive Director

(831) 424-6655 Ext. 14

La Tonya Glover joined Valley Health Associates (VHA) in the Spring of 2021. La Tonya is bringing over 20 years of experience in social welfare, education, and management to VHA. Prior to joining the team, La Tonya was the Director of Service-Learning and Volunteering as well as the Director of the After School Programs at the Monterey Peninsula Unified School District, where she oversaw school site programs and was responsible for the start-up of after-school programs at a local school. Following her time with the Monterey Peninsula Unified School District she was District Area Director for the Boys & Girls Club of Monterey County.  During her time at the Boys & Girls Club, she restructured departments- implemented new policies, programs, procedures, and more! Additionally, La Tonya has served as a Board Member for numerous organizations, such as Palenke Arts, Restorative Justice Partners Inc., and Girls' Health in Girls' Hands. Besides her successful career and work as a Board Member for multiple organizations, giving back to the community has also been a lifelong project of hers. So much so that her hard work and dedication to the community, through volunteering and consulting for other nonprofits that benefit the youth, the homeless community, and church organizations led to her being nominated and awarded the Monterey County Weekly's 'Do-Gooder" Award in 2016.  She is excited to join the dedicated staff of VHA and is ready to help grow and create new life-saving programs at VHA.

La Tonya Glover, Executive Director

Lena Allen, LCSW

Clinical Director

(831) 424-6655

Lena has over 21 years of experience working with children, adolescents, adults, and families in a variety of settings. She has a background in working with the community with depression, anxiety, trauma, personality disorders, and substance use disorders. Throughout her career she has worked in numerous substance abuse programs, adolescent and adult residential treatment centers, forensic settings, behavioral health, and legal and court settings.

Stephanie Bacheller

Finance Department

(831) 424-6655 Ext. 23


Stephanie is passionate about equality, equal access, and brings over 20 years’ experience with bookkeeping, writing/ editing, and most recently research proposals. She contributed to published breast cancer research for the New Mexico Women’s Health Study. Stephanie also tutored at-risk
students with math and computers in New Mexico, math students in Pacific Grove, and a CSUMB special education graduate research study. Stephanie has been a counseling advocate at women’s shelters and treatment centers in New Mexico and the County of Monterey. She initially started as a banking bookkeeper, advanced to wire transfers, then the cashiers’ VP office, and onto law firms and non-profits while accomplishing an advanced degree, a CSUMB paralegal certificate, and an accounting with QuickBooks® certificate.

Silvia Duran, LVN

Nursing Supervisor

(831) 424-6655 Ext. 15

Silvia Duran was born and raised in Salinas to migrant agriculture working parents. She is bilingual, fluent in both English & Spanish. Her bicultural background brings value to serving a diverse population. She joined VHA in the Spring of 2022 as the Nursing Supervisor. She has 16 years of nursing experience in a variety of disciplines, such as skilled nursing, home care, hospice, and 5 years of clinical work with substance use disorders. She is dedicated to our clients in providing them with the best possible care to assist them in their wellbeing and overall quality of life.

Marcos Alvarez Serrato, BA

Youth Outpatient Program Coordinator

(831) 424-6655 Ext. 11

For over 5 years Marcos Alvarez Serrato has had experience working in the field of substance abuse, mental health, homelessness, and domestic violence. Throughout this time, he has had the opportunity to work with adolescents, adults, and families in both Butte County and Monterey County. With his knowledge and experience he focuses on helping people figure out how to thrive in their lives. He is very passionate about seeing people accomplish their goals and get the help that they need. He wishes to continue making a positive impact in the community as our Youth Outpatient Program Coordinator.

Rachele Garcia, SUDCC

Associate Director of Medicated Assisted Treatment

(831) 424-6655 Ext. 19

Rachele has joined the Valley Health Associated agency with over 5 years’ experience working in various areas of the substance use field. During this time, she has worked in residential treatment facilities, and with CDCR.  She was able to support individuals on their journey to gain the tools needed to sustain recovery. Rachele is deeply invested in being a part of a team that provides the utmost best care for members of the community who are seeking support with substance use disorders.

Marcella Advincula

Associate Director of Adult Outpatient

(831) 424-6655 Ext. 20

For the last 5 years Marcella has had experience working in the field of substance abuse in MAT, Detox, Residential Treatment, mental health, homelessness, and domestic violence. During this time she had the opportunity to work with Juvenile Justice youth, adults, and families in Sacramento, Placer County and San Joaquin County. With her knowledge, education and lived experience, she directs her focus on meeting people right where they are.  Working with them collaboratively, creating a plan and establishing realistic goals that create an opportunity for them to be their best self and thriving in the communities they live in. She is very passionate about seeing people accomplish their goals and getting them excellent care and connection to the resources they may need to be successful. She hopes to continue making a positive impact in the community as our  Associate Director of Adult Outpatient.