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La Tonya Glover, MSW

Executive Director

(831) 424-6655 Ext. 14

La Tonya Glover joined Valley Health Associates (VHA) in the Spring of 2021. La Tonya is bringing over 20 years of experience in social welfare, education, and management to VHA. La Tonya has worked primarily with individuals from historically excluded communities, through her work as a social worker, counselor, educator, volunteer and more recently as the Executive Director of Valley Health Associates. Throughout her career, she has interfaced with and guided dozens of diverse teams to reach strong outcomes using collaborative methods. She has a successful track record of leading teams through times of change and organizational development.


Additionally, La Tonya has served as a Board Member for numerous organizations, such as Palenke Arts, Restorative Justice Partners Inc., and Girls' Health in Girls' Hands. Besides her successful career and work as a Board Member for multiple organizations, giving back to the community has also been a lifelong project of hers. So much so that her hard work and dedication to the community, through volunteering and consulting for other nonprofits that benefit the youth, the homeless community, and church organizations led to her being nominated and awarded the Monterey County Weekly's 'Do-Gooder" Award in 2016.

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Dr. Edgar Castellanos, MD, MPH, FSAM

Medical Director

(831)424-6655 Ext. 21

Dr. Edgar H. Castellanos obtained his medical degree from University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine and his Masters in Public Health from Loma Linda University. He is certified in addiction medicine through the Society of Addiction Medicine as well as the American Board of Addiction Medicine. He is a Fellow FASAM through the American Society of Addiction Medicine And a Diplomat Certified in Addiction Medicine through the American Board of Preventative Medicine. Dr. Castellanos considers himself fortunate to work with  Valley Health Associates and other non-profit agencies in Monterey County, collaborating with amazing counselors and dedicated staff members. 

Dr. Christa Balch M.D.

Medical Doctor

(831)424-6655 Ext. 21

Dr. Christa Balch is a family medicine doctor who graduated from SUNY Stonybrook School of Medicine trained locally at Natividad Medical Center. She is board certified in Addiction Medicine as has worked in addiction medicine since 2015. She has enjoyed working with patients at Valley Health Associates since 2017. She feels it is an honor to get to know and walk alongside patients in their journeys towards sobriety. 

Lena Allen, LCSW

Clinical Director

(831) 424-6655

Lena has over 21 years of experience working with children, adolescents, adults, and families in a variety of settings. She has a background in working with the community with depression, anxiety, trauma, personality disorders, and substance use disorders. Throughout her career she has worked in numerous substance abuse programs, adolescent and adult residential treatment centers, forensic settings, behavioral health, and legal and court settings.

Renee Rocha, BS Business Admin

Director of Finance

(831) 424-6655 Ext. 11

Renee's financial background and passion for serving the community led her to nonprofit finance in 2016, eventually landing her in the position of CFO for a short-term residential therapeutic program (STRTP) serving at-risk foster youth throughout California. Renee has also been a volunteer at HHH Emergency Department and a mentor to multiple foster youth with whom she remains connected. She utilizes her financial and business background to continuously strive for the creation of efficiency and progression in administrative support systems, ensuring critical services for the community are always available. She is honored to be a part of VHA and the mission it upholds.

Mary Jacobi

Development Director

(831) 424-6655 Ext. 23

Mary Jacobi is a multi-talented development professional who has successfully advanced the fundraising and marketing goals of both public and private organizations. She has worked with arts, educational and healthcare groups for the past thirty years, creating and producing major events. She has been recognized for developing strategic messaging and branding for a wide variety of causes and is a passionate advocate for her clients. 

Those who have worked with her always mention her compassion, diligent management skills and deep concern for children's health and the wellbeing of individuals coping with challenges. Her goal is to help develop healthy and functional communities where everyone can thrive and reach their potential.

Veronica Ibarra

Associate Director of MAT Services

(831) 424-6655 Ext. 19

Veronica was born in Los Angeles, California, but moved to Salinas during her high school years and has been living in Salinas ever since. Since 2020, she has been providing mental health and substance use disorder services to homeless and Hispanic communities. Specifically, Veronica has worked to provide care and resources to pregnant women struggling with homelessness and substance use. Veronica has a strong desire to help her community achieve better hope and recovery through her deep sense of compassion. 

Gilberto Cruz, BA

Associate Director of Outpatient Services 

(831) 424-6655 Ext. 20

Gilbert was raised in the east side of Salinas surrounded by criminal activity and substance use. Committed to helping his community, he earned his Associates Degree in Psychology from Hartnell College and proceeded to earn his Bachelors Degree, also in Psychology, from California State University, Monterey Bay. He is currently enrolled in the Masters in Social Work program at CSUMB and is projected to graduate with his Masters Degree in Spring of 2026.  Making the world a better place is what motivates him to continue working with individuals who are going through difficult times, providing the support needed and hope in their lives.

Silvia Duran, LVN

Nursing Supervisor

(831) 424-6655 Ext. 15

Silvia Duran was born and raised in Salinas to migrant agriculture working parents. She is bilingual, fluent in both English & Spanish. Her bicultural background brings value to serving a diverse population. She joined VHA in the Spring of 2022 as the Nursing Supervisor. She has 16 years of nursing experience in a variety of disciplines, such as skilled nursing, home care, hospice, and 5 years of clinical work with substance use disorders. She is dedicated to our clients in providing them with the best possible care to assist them in their wellbeing and overall quality of life.

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